tir. 18. jan. | Tid for Yoga


Join Samkalpa as we work the powerful New- and Full Moons.
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18. jan. 20.00
Tid for Yoga, Øvregaten 25, 5003 Bergen, Norge


Join the Samkalpa New- and Full Moon Rituals

When working with and honoring the moon cycles we have the possibility to start creating the life we want for ourselves. We can learn to manifest and consciously create the life we dream of, working from the heart.

At least for 25.000 years we have used the Moon as a helping hand to navigate through life.

On the New Moon we make wishes and set new intentions.

The Full Moon is all about accepting our emotions, forgive and release.

The rituals will be a be bit different from month to month. We will always light the candles, sit in silence, do some writing and practice Yin Yoga as part of the ritual for you to feel calm and nurtured.

Moon Rituals will be in Norwegian. 

Full Moon Ritual January 18th at 20:00

Price: 250.-

Bring a yoga mat and pen and paper. You can borrow blanket and bolster in the yoga studio.

Din påmelding er bindende. Refusjon kun ved sykdom med sykemelding fra lege.

Ikke lokk andre med deg på kurset. Jeg ønsker kun deltakere som kjenner at dette føles riktig å være med på.

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