The Workshop

Samkalpa Workshop

A one- or two days workshop diving into:

  • The importance of Stillness

  • The importance of Ritual

  • Moving into Stillness

  • Creating Rituals

Finding more JOY in life: while moving into Stillness.

This workshop is practice and theory. 

You will be guided through different practices to experience and to feel. You will learn how to continue the practice at home. You will learn different tools and techniques with the aim to inspire you to create your own daily rituals.

Some of the topics we will dive into:​

  • ritual for daily life

  • the Restorative way

  • how to Soften

  • adding more Yin

  • facing yourself during slow practices

Please email to inquire about a ritual in your yoga studio, during your retreat or any other place where you wish to meet and share.

Image by Joanna Kosinska